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I Mobil DTE 10M sono fluidi idraulici antiusura formulati per applicazioni in un ampio campo di temperatura .Essi posseggono ottima fluidità a bassa temperatura, sono resistenti agli sforzi di taglio e la diminuzione di viscosità è tale che il sistema si mantiene efficiente ed i trafilamenti interni delle...Mobil DTE FM 32. Hydraulic Oils (Multi Grade) Exxon Univis HVI 13 Exxon Univis HVI 26 Mobil DTE 11M Mobil DTE 12M Mobil DTE 13M Mobil DTE 15M Mobil DTE 16M Mobil DTE 18M Mobil DTE 19M. Paper Machine Oils Mobil DTE PM 220. Quench Oils Exxon Fenso 51. Refrigeration Oils Mobil EAL Arctic 10 Mobil EAL Arctic 15 Mobil EAL Arctic 18 Mobil EAL Arctic ...

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Mobil DTE Oil Heavy Medium is a premium performance ISO Viscosity Grade (VG) 68 circulating oil. DTE Oil Heavy Medium is designed for use in steam and hydro turbine sets, bearings, pumps and other systems where long service life is required. It is formulated from highly refined base stocks and an additive system that provide extremely high levels of thermal and chemical stability, rapid ... TOTAL. Моторные масла. М-16Е30. — MOBIL DTE Light. Turbo oil t 46. Energol thb 46.Mobil DTE Oil Named are the lubricants of choice for many users because of their reputation for long life, excellent equipment protection and The Mobil DTE Oil Named Series of lubricants are premium performance circulating lubricants designed for applications where long lubricant service life is required.

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内容提示: Petrobras TBN SAE Chevron Mobil BP Marine Castrol ... Rando HDZ 68 DTE 16M Energol SHF-HV 68 Hyspin AWH 68 Tellus T 68 Hydrelf/Visga 68 Arnica ...